Starting from Scratch

I moved to Texas and immediately started eating unhealthy again. I went out to my favorite restaurants and spent way too much money on dining out. I did this for a good three months. In December I decided that I wasn’t happy about gaining so much weight, so I decided to buy a meal plan with If It Fits Your Macros. In mid January I started this challenge using my meal plan. I was good for about two weeks and then my work kicked me out of my apartment and I couldn’t eat any of my food I prepped. I used this as an excuse to eat out again, and since then I have been eating out non stop. Before I left for a work trip with my clients, I weighed myself and the scale said 296.8 lbs. I officially had gained back all of the weight I had lost in the last two years and then gained 4.8 more pounds. I decided that after I got back from San Antonio I would get serious. But I didn’t and that has a lot to do with how I spend my money.

I have thought really hard about why I fail on all of my meal challenges/workout challenges and it is because I don’t have anyone to physically go to and talk about things like successes or failures. I saw a video on Facebook about the Lady Boss Challenge by Kaelin Tuell and I decided to purchase the program. This was the 8th workout/diet plan that I have purchased. But something so unique about this program was the Facebook group that I joined with the other women who are doing the same challenge. FitGirlsGuide has a similar feel about our community on Instagram, but I actually feel seen on the Lady Boss Movement FB page. What I like about this program is the journaling aspect. I’m a big believer in writing my feelings and writing daily to express whatever I am trying to focus on for the week or month. I never started the Lady Boss challenge, but I still have access to the app and the workouts.

What I need is that physical accountability. I tried weight watchers for one meeting and didn’t like the leader of the meeting. Plus I was only able to go to a meeting on Thursday mornings and never woke up in time for them. I continued to eat and on 6/1/2017 I weighed in at my doctor’s appointment at 315 pounds. If this isn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

I decided to try a doctor guided program so I will have someone to go to every month. This will be accountability to someone, which is exactly what I need. What I don’t like about this program is that they want me to eat 1200 calories. For a women weighing 315 pounds, 1200 calories will be starving my body. So what I am going to do is eat using IIFYM and follow the blueprint to the T with the help of the one on one coaching. Now I have to decide what fitness program I want to use to workout. I have 8 like I said before, so I will need to decide which one I will think will kick my booty into gear. I bought some BCAAs so my muscles won’t hate me. I will finally start using my gym membership like I used to.

Things feel different this time. I feel hopeful.


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